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............A DAUGHTERS' RAGE............

Sixteen-year-old Penny is not resting in peace and has come back to set the record straight. Aside from her personal vendettas and the love of her homosexual son, this multitasking kid has shocking paranormal news and an alarming homicidal request for 50-year-old maintenance man, Ronald Jackson. Why me the behemoth of a man thinks and isn’t willing to get on board, nor mentally prepared to deal with the rage of the murdered teenager. He’s caught completely off guard by the secretly kept love that his pint size fifteen year younger co-worker Pradine has for him. She soon has him swept off his feet to Pennys jealous objection. The two vies for his attention and fireworks ensues while surprise after surprise flavors their dangerous journey. Will either make it out alive, will Ron fulfill his destiny. The sad truth is evil sometimes win but if redemption is found then a win is not a win……...

........A DAUGHTERS' RAGE 2 'FAITH'.......

To the dismay of Detective Vohn Jackson whose emotionally broken, drunken and on medical leave, She's Back! After suffering a life ending and humiliating defeat in A Daughter's Rage; the princess of darkness Kimberly James has returned with a vengeance aided by the satanic force legion and death. His deceased sister Penelope, also deceased comes to his aide with her own angelic help, and principally Faith Hernandez, a God gifted flesh and blood woman...Will evil or Faith prevail?


Ronald Harvey Gordon, the youngest of seven was born and raised in St.Louis Mo. The youngest of seven wasn’t given a days’ notice when at the vibrant and youthful age of 45 was thrown into the torture chamber of depression and anxiety. Even lead to death doors twice .Mentally and physically was unmercifully humiliated by the disease and the medical community was considered unfixable. Not willing to be a victim fought his way back to sanity. He credits his indomitable spirit to three events – his new birth when he heard and believed the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the unintimidating persona of the greatest boxing heavyweight of all times Evander the Real Deal Holyfield when he fought knockout monster Iron Mike Tyson and the heroic stance of his dearly departed mother and sister against cancer. Unearthing a buried treasure, his ink pen, it screamed at him write write write. Upon the inspirational advice of the dearly departed Maya Angelou to pursue his writing with passion he followed through, the result A Daughters Rage!!!

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